Massage Therapy


Ivan Pancic, LMT

Massage Therapist 

Ivan has been involved with body work for over 40 years now, from early on in his childhood.  He believes that no two bodies are the same and no two massage sessions are going to be either. He will work with your body to determine what it needs, how it needs to be treated, and how soft tissues need to be manipulated in order to achieve a pain free state.

 His belief is that he should know as much about the body and as many
techniques as possible, and have them at his disposal as tools that
can be used at any given time.

 Sometimes that means firm, deep pressure, and sometimes it may be a
gentle rocking motion or sustained pressure--whatever is needed and
within his scope of knowledge and training is fair game to be used.

In addition to multiple modalities of massage therapy, Ivan is also a
certified Reiki Master Healer and Teacher and offers Reiki treatments
as either separate sessions or combined with regular massage sessions.

In his spare time, Ivan loves to do endurance triathlons and has
completed close to 300 various races so far and is always looking for
the next adventure.  Knowing how the body works and what it needs to
heal and recover properly is an essential skill in his own life, and
it translates into many benefits for his clients--whether they are
leading overly busy professional lives or competing in elite sporting
events around the world.



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